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Aesthetics Integrity Group (AIG) was born out of a desire to do more, and to do it with integrity. Too many times AIG founder, Summer Branam, met accounts in her practice development days that were bewildered, frustrated and worse, taken to the cleaners, by a nameless, faceless marketing entity. They were being charged a pretty penny yet there was no evidence of anything being done on their behalf and certainly no measurable results. She knew there was a better way.

Striking out on her own, leaving the security of a corporate gig, she created Aesthetics Integrity Group in 2018 with the sole purpose to deliver real and measurable results with an honest approach to digital marketing. Now a preferred business partner with some of the largest companies in the aesthetic market, along with countless "private" clients, AIG has grown on the strength of that creed.

As a boutique agency, we specialize as a one-stop solution where you can leave the creative side to us to help market your business without breaking the bank. We have maximized our programs to work at every stage of your marketing strategy. Sure, we could charge an astronomical amount of money for our work, but that's not how we roll at AIG.


We operate almost solely from referrals and rarely market ourselves as we are too busy marketing for you. Your business is not only your future, but ours as well. Our goal is to make a difference in every customer we touch, to deliver what we promise and exceed your expectations! 


Summer Branam

The Chaos Wrangler, Founder

Meet Summer Branam. Dubbed The Chaos Wrangler for her ability to herd a million moving parts, Summer is the Founder and Creative Director of all things AIG.

Summer's expertise is helping her clients develop comprehensive marketing plans, including website design, social media strategies, competitive and strategic planning. Raised in a family of small business owners, she has a passion for delivering the white glove service on any budget.


After designing her first website in 1998, Summer was hooked and started to self-train on coding, website development and graphic design. Never one to walk away from a stage or a microphone, Summer is a passionate public speaker and strives to elevate an audience to reach their utmost potential. She has been a featured speaker for Candela Medical and Viora.

These days, if she’s not head down in a computer designing, you’ll find her front row at a rock concert singing her heart out or at home cuddling with her two boys (cats) Romeo and Canadian. If you try to call her on Saturday during College Football season, good luck...she watches every game possible.

If you would like to book a call with Summer, find her calendar at

Randy Branam

Director of Strategic Strategery

Meet Randy Branam, our Director of Strategic Strategery. Randy brings an innovative skill set to digital marketing honed by more than 20 years as a sales and marketing professional across a wide range of various industries. He is an international speaker and presenter on social media marketing strategy as well as an experienced sales coach and trainer.

Following in the steps of his father in service to country, Randy joined the US Coast Guard patrolling the Bering Straits (think "Deadliest Catch") in a 378 Cutter and then the skies of the Caribbean at Air Station Miami. During his 6 year career, loyalty and dedication to duty were deeply imprinted, a character trait he continues to display to this day in service to AIG customers.

Randy is the Cliff Clavin of rock music and a noted interviewer of musicians. Always in search of learning more (seriously, you want this guy on your trivia team), you'll often find him on a deep dive into YouTube finding obscure interviews to learn more about a musician, a behind-the scenes of a movie to learn more about video tricks, researching a factoid about a tank in WW2 or watching a documentary on Antarctica. 

If you would like to book a call with Randy, find his calendar at