Front Desk, Front Line

Often overlooked, your front desk is a key to success as they are typically the first point of contact in the client journey. These team members need to be well versed in your services, understand how to handle pricing questions and how to provide an effective telephone discussion with prospective clients. This is a highly visible position so give your team the tools and confidence to impress!


The Lifelong Patient: Creating A Patient-Focused Environment for Success

From the first phone call to the follow-up, it is imperative to offer an extraordinary level of customer service. In this workshop, we detail how to personalize the relationship with the client and improve every step in the client journey. Building customers for life is all about the patient experience. Our customer service training equips your team with the tools to create an unmatched patient-focused environment that will yield recommendations and referrals, positive online testimonials and reviews to help grow your business.


Mastering the Aesthetic Consult

The consultation is one of the most important stops on the client journey and where you make the sale! This workshop covers how to best position your services, develop trust and relationships and understand consumer buying behavior. Learn how to effectively listen to patient concerns, address those concerns with compassion and handle intense competition in the aesthetics field.


The Art of Cross-Selling and Upselling

This effective, hands-on workshop provides your team the confidence they need to increase revenue without engaging in a hard sales push towards the client. By knowing the difference between upselling and cross-selling, your team will be at an advantage in the hyper competitive field of aesthetics. We ask your staff to explain your services and products, determine the best value for the customer and effectively impart that information to the client. Our goal is to stimulate critical thinking to educate versus selling to the client.


Reveal Your Results

A recent RealSelf survey found that 83 percent of consumers researching aesthetic procedures said they would not consider a practice that doesn’t have before and after photos. However, as simple as this element might seem, it is often one of the most poorly executed tasks in an aesthetic business. In this workshop, we discuss the importance of before and after images, ideal camera and lighting set-ups, techniques to capture the best image and how to achieve consistency for the best results.