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Working with AIG has been a breath of fresh air! We are a newer MedSpa that has been struggling as most are during the Covid pandemic. During our time closed, we decided to redo our website. We were amazed at the professionalism, the creativity, and the way that AIG was able to really grasp the image we want to portray. The website is phenomenal, and so was the experience. It was done quickly and better than we dreamed. 

That was just the beginning though. AIG is doing our Social Media Management and it has been outstanding. They really “get” us and our demographic. Our followers have gone way up, and the engagement is astounding.

I would recommend AIG to anyone in the industry (unless you are one of my competitors!!!)  Thank you to the entire team at AIG and a special thank you to Summer who has been a crucial part of our journey!!!!  

Stephanie Schuster Bambach
Beauty Therapy Med Spa

Thank you so much for all the marketing that Summer has done.
​With this coronavirus hitting the day I was to open she has really had to pull out all the tricks to get people to come in the office. I believe she's the reason I still have patients coming into the office.

Again thank you for Summer, she is wonderful.

Dulcie Yelverton FNP-C 
Regent Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

A James Headshot 2020-min.jpg

I want to give you a review on Aesthetics Integrity Group and specifically Summer Branam.

I started working with Summer a few weeks ago on my Snap Back campaign. I just purchased Profound RF about a month ago. Summer has been extremely wonderful to work with! She is kind, efficient, and quite innovative. I love her email campaigns! She goes above and beyond for her customers. 

Specifically, I just purchased a month of Constant Contact to send email blasts for my event. It is not in her job profile to work with me on my email blasts, but she wanted to make sure that I am successful, so she offered to help me! On her own, she created another campaign to send out in an email blast and worked with Constant Contact on my behalf. She plans to keep sending new ones throughout the next few weeks to change up the messages so they don't get boring/etc. 

I am so pleased! I couldn't have asked for a better group to work with for my marketing for Profound RF. Thank you for hiring her to help!

Dr. Asha James
Columbia Skin Clinic

I just have to tell you, you blow us away with the creativity and quality of your work! Stunning.

Dr. Dan Falor
Bloom Wellness & Aesthetics


We purchased both Profound and GMPro late last year. We started our marketing/social media package with Summer and Randy Branam, the AIG Team, May 1st.  We are so pleased, they are truly the Best!!!!  I don't believe our launch would have been as successful without Connor, Chris and AIG.  

AIG'S social media expertise is reflected in the  quality content, increased followers, engagement and guidance they provide, which far exceeds our expectations.

Donna Clark
Bluewater Plastic Surgery

Hi my name is Jenni Immel and I run Renew, pllc in Albert Lea, MN! I am writing this to tell you how much help Summer Branam from AIG has been to me! We wouldn't be where we are without her help and dedication. She went above and beyond for me and Renew! 
Even though I have never met her in person, I consider her even a friend. She is so personable and so caring and genuine! 

She has been my saving grace on many social media posts and helping us get up and going! Couldnt have done this without her. She is a great asset to Viora! Thanks again!

Jenni Immel
Renew Rejuvenation Center
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