Grow Your Practice. Get Results.

This is both a capital and consumable promotion and the goal of this presentation is to ensure you are aware of the promotion to speak confidently about it and are engaged enough to promote it, as we’re all working towards the success of our customers.


  • Practices seeking new revenue streams, or complimentary systems without a large capital device purchase, featuring an opportunity to gain awareness, capture leads and drive patients into their practice with an incentive to gain their business

  • Practices that have already invested in the Exceed Microneedling System have an opportunity to promote the treatment to their patients and provide their patients an incentive 

  • Technician engagement to push the treatment to patients, with a value offer and an opportunity to win something for themselves!

Make the most of it:

  • Practices must commit to the offer by September 30, 2020

  • Patients have until December 30, 2020 to apply for their rebate


Technicians will be placed into a random drawing of $500 each month from August-December based on their Patient’s rebate claims – the more treatments, the more entries the more chances to win and the more utilization!


You can use this as an opportunity to reach out to practices you haven’t heard from, or need to introduce yourself to:

  • “Wanted to make sure you knew of the promotion”

  • “Wanted to show you our new device”

  • “Are you in need of more cartridges”


Provide a valuable solution for microneedling with an offer that includes opportunities to promote and drive patients in, for the purpose of utilization and engagement with technicians

Tools available to you to sell this program offer:


Promotion Starts:  

August 3, 2020


Program Ends:  

September 30, 2020

New sales only. Not retroactive.

Two Types of Offers:

Package A:  New Exceed Microneedling System Customers  

2-month marketing program designed to drive patients into your practice! Includes:

  • 2-months of geotargeting

  • 24 graphics/videos to promote Exceed™ on social media

  • 12 Patient Rebates worth $50 each

  • Your Practice listed on our site with a personalized landing page

Package B:  Current Exceed Customers

  • 24 Patient Rebates worth $50 each

  • 24 graphics/videos for you to promote Exceed™ on social media

  • Your Practice listed on our site

Here are some program logistics:

  • AIG (Aesthetics Integrity Group is doing the work on the program)

  • Sample Landing Page for your accounts HERE

  • Register an account when your deal has closed HERE

  • Patients will claim their $50 on and must abide by the rules of the program (found in rebate)

What’s your role as a BDM?

  • Ensure you understand all the elements of the program, so you are presenting the very best deal to your customers

  • Ensure prospects of Exceed are aware of the promotional offer

  • Ensure Exceed owners are aware of the promotional offer

  • Share the promotion on your social media, in your emails, and in your discussions

  • Make sure to complete the required online form from AIG after the deal closes (closes = posted in SalesForce) – accounts will not

  • Make sure to provide your customers who have purchased the program, the promotional flyer for their practice

  • Make sure to work with your practice after the program to get the best results from the program and the product


  1. My customer is not ready to open yet, can I sell them this deal and delay the promotional aspect until they’re ready?
    - It is not suggested to sell this offer to a practice not ready to use it, as the rebates will expire on December 31, 2020 with no extension.

  2. My customer is really not good with their marketing, is this a good deal for them?
    - An account needs to participate in the program. If they have the 4 box program, they will need to promote their social media assets; and the new accounts will need to be active as well in responding to the requests of AIG to get their landing pages launched in a timely manner.

  3. Can AIG give me a report on my practice’s usage of the program?
    - It takes approximately 2 months to develop reports of patient usage, due to the compilation of SEO, Google and other analytic outlets. Once a report is available, it will be shared with the group.

  4. My customer bought the 4 box program so where do their leads go?
    - They will go directly to AIG, and AIG will send a report directly to the customer so they can work on them quickly.

  5. My customer wants more rebates, can I get them?
    - Each time your customer calls to ask for more rebates is an opportunity to sell them more cartridges. Each deal is associated to the number of cartridges sold. If 4 boxes are sold, they have a maximum of 24 rebates to be utilized.

  6. Can I get the report of my practice’s rebates that came in?
    - It is against HIPPA to provide these. We will continue to provide a practice tally report monthly to the head of the department who can communicate to the team who is using the program.