As a preferred vendor for Candela, we are HERE TO SUPPORT YOU! We are excited to offer our unique 3x3 program at a discounted rate for our valued Candela partners to help you add value, build loyalty and CLOSE DEALS! Our program is simple, yet extremely robust and intended to help the account hit the ground running the minute the device is placed. The program revolves around a marketing funnel and is geared to move the client's journey from education and awareness to consultation to close.


The easiest way to sell this program to your accounts is to explain that it is geared to either fill in the missing piece of their marketing program or complement the marketing activities they are already doing. It is entirely meant to help them get started quickly with a campaign to help turn LEADS into APPOINTMENTS.

We call it 3x3 because the program is 3 months long with 3 simple steps to success.



Program cost

Each 3x3 program is $2500. If you would like to stack the programs to include this for 6, 9 or 12 months in a deal, you absolutely could do so! In that instance, the account can select an option each segment. For example, if you wanted to include 2 segments for an account for 6 months, they could choose a website in the first 3 month segment and then the ad spend the next 3 month segment. 

We intentionally made the program very flexible and customizable to cover both your needs in how you would like to frame your sale, and then also beneficial to the practice for what they need for their marketing. 


Bottom line...For the relatively low cost for the 3 month program and for all they get, they will not be able to get a better deal anywhere else.