Our consulting program is designed to provide ongoing support for your aesthetic business. We can work with you on all aspects of your business to ensure that you have the tools and resources to excel. After a complementary consultation to determine your needs and goals, we will develop a recommended program with clear, quantifiable objectives to increase revenue and profit today!




From short-term goals to a long-term concept, we can help guide your overall brand through marketing activities, community engagement, staff development, new patient acquisition and building loyalty of existing patients.


Our programs consist of detailed business planning utilizing the most up-to-date industry trends and research and providing comprehensive team training to ensure the elements of success are part of your daily routine.




Working as a team, we focus on effective strategies to generate new business and target audiences that share common characteristics of the typical aesthetic client. It is crucial to be up-to-date in the ever-changing world of social media and build an online presence through both grassroots, organic marketing and boosting services.


We can help develop strategies to both pique the interest of existing clients while also attracting new prospects.




At Aesthetics Integrity Group, we utilize our deep knowledge of the industry to offer an extensive training series to coach your staff how to excel at each step of the client journey. Your team will learn how to treat every interaction as an opportunity to develop a lifelong relationship.


Give your staff the competitive edge with the knowledge and skill set needed to effectively manage client needs, perform dynamic patient consultations and master the art of customer service.